4 Important Reasons To Get Your Trees Trimmed

Owning a home includes many responsibilities, and it can be easy to neglect some of the important things. Although most people love the beauty and shade that mature trees provide, it isn't uncommon for homeowners to forget the importance of trimming. Here are four reasons that pruning is an important chore not to overlook.

#1: To Improve Tree Health

When trees are allowed to grow to extreme heights without being attended to, it can significantly impact their health. Trees that have long branches covered in leaves can collect significant amounts of snow during the wintertime, which can lead to cracks or breakage.

Damaged tree branches need to be removed in order to keep from hurting the rest of the plant. Areas of decay or injury can allow easy access points for disease, which can kill the entire tree. When damaged branches are removed, it allows wounds to heal; improving the tree's overall health.

Proper tree pruning can allow the well areas to thrive, creating strong branches and a healthy structure.

#2: To Protect Your Home

Extreme weather including high winds and ice storms can cause weaker tree branches to break off and fall, sometimes causing property damage along the way. Although most homeowner's insurance policies will cover damage to homes or vehicles resulting from fallen tree branches, hassle from filing claims and completing repairs isn't fun to deal with.

In addition to dropping wood, overgrown roots can also penetrate your home's foundation, which can compromise the structural integrity of your entire home. Excessive leaves can collect in rain gutters, causing damage when they absorb water and freeze during the winter.

In order to protect your house, always have weak limbs removed. Keeping trees at their proper size will also inhibit root growth, which will keep problems at bay.

#3: To Rejuvenate Older Trees

As trees grow, space between branches fills in, creating dense areas of foliage. This can impact airflow between limbs and impede sunlight levels. Dense, leafy areas can also harbor insects, which can affect the overall health of the tree. Branches that are allowed to continually grow can eventually rub against each other, causing friction and breakage.

In order to allow adequate light and air to bathe the entirety of the tree, older more mature limbs need to be thinned out occasionally. This works to rejuvenate the health of the tree, and to stimulate the development of healthy branches.

Tree trimming is usually performed during early spring, before branches have started to bud. Because plants are normally subject to fewer extreme temperatures during this time of year, it allows trees to heal properly and recover from the pruning process.

#4: To Beautify Your Outdoors Space

Overgrown trees that aren't properly maintained can make your yard look messy, and they can even age the look of your property. When branches aren't properly pruned, they can take on unnatural shapes, which can impact the aesthetics of your yard. Trees that grow quickly like junipers need to be maintained regularly in order to keep from overtaking landscapes, and to preserve the health of your lawn.

Proper trimming also allows for better fruit and flower development, which can add a lot to any outdoors space. Remember that there is a right way and a wrong way to prune limbs. Chopping the top off of any tree just to alter its shape can severely damage its branches, and leave it prone to illness.

Using a trained arborist will not only allow your trees to maintain their natural beauty, but it will also cut back on tree-trimming related homeowner accidents.

By carefully attending to your trees, you can keep your yard handsome and healthy for many years to come.

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