Can Humans and Pigeons Live in Harmony?

Pigeons are one of the few wild animals that can survive and even thrive in city environments, which is why they've become pests in many areas. When large numbers of pigeons are present, vegetation and structures alike can be severely damaged by their droppings. Pigeons can also carry lice and other parasites that affect both animals and humans, and their feathers and nesting materials have been known to clog drains and downspouts.

Is there a way to live in harmony with pigeons?

Living in harmony with any type of wildlife takes compromise, ingenuity, and patience on the part of humans. Here are some tips for sharing a physical environment with pigeons:

Keeping it Clean

The most effective way of reducing the number of pigeons in your immediate surroundings is to fail to create an environment that is welcoming to them. Leaving pet food out can be tempting to pigeons as they forage for food. You should also make certain to close your trash can lids tight so that they cannot gain access to the contents, and never leave trash or food lying around outdoors.

Do Not Feed the Pigeons

Feeding pigeons will only make the problem worse, so do not do so under any circumstances. If you want to feed wild birds on your property, use pigeon bird feeders. However, even these will sometimes attract pigeons, particularly in areas with high pigeon populations.

Keep in mind that pigeons have very long memories and that if they find that your property is easy pickings for food and water, they'll keep returning looking for more.

Effective Barriers

Barriers are often effective in preventing pigeon infestations. Pigeons like to roost on the ledges of buildings, so installing bird netting in this areas will prevent this from taking place. It is also important to board up any holes in the buildings.

Some property owners choose to have pigeon spikes installed on ledges and other areas where pigeons like to make their nests, and those who prefer natural pest controls say that sprinkling strong spices such as cinnamon and cloves on ledges will prevent pigeons from roosting.

When is it Time for Professional Help?

Pigeon infestations can become so bad that there is really no alternative than to call a professional service that performs pigeon control like Desert Pest Control in order to gain relief from the problem. You should consider using a professional service if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The birds are causing substantial damage to the buildings or vegetation on your property.
  • You have children or pets that regularly spend time outdoors in areas where you have noticed pigeon droppings.
  • You've noticed a substantial increase in the number of pigeons recently.

One of the major problems with pigeon control is that the birds have an amazing homing instinct. Pigeons that are caught with live traps and relocated many miles away often return to the exact same spot where they were trapped. Professional services recognize this unique challenge and take that in consideration when ridding your property of pigeons.

Put Pigeons on the Pill?

Pigeons nest and breed on a year-round basis, which means that one mating pair can produce dozens of offspring during the course of that year. Pigeon contraception is available in the form of food pellets that cause the eggs laid by pigeons who consume them to be infertile. This is a humane method to control pigeon populations that has increased significantly in popularity during the past several years.

Effective pigeon control involves using a variety of methods simultaneously. Keeping pigeon populations down is the main key to living in harmony with these particular feathered friends, and it can be done with a bit of patience, commitment, and perseverance.

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