Keeping Warm in Yorba Linda CA

Many options exist for home owners now to heat their home. Even more importantly you can have a system installed specially designed for your climate and for your family's needs. Let's take a look at heating service in Yorba Linda CA.

Boilers and Radiators

Water comes readily available even in sunny California. Hot water heaters have become more common in newer homes. Known as a sealed water circulating system, the water travels down a series of pipes to a boiler or radiator that heats the water to the temperature on the thermostat.

  • Easily retrofitted this system allows zoning of the home.
  • Different schedules for different areas becomes possible.
  • Heat reflectors behind radiators increases efficiency and lowers over all energy cost.


Furnaces function under a forced air system. A fan draws air from a living space, heats it, and then expels it back into a home. Many designs exist now such as up-flow, down-flow, and horizontal flow systems. Which design to use depends on the layout of your home and personal preferences.

Options on fueling such a system exist.

  • electric
  • natural gas
  • propane gas

Each unit has its advantages and disadvantages. The system requires the use of ductwork to transport air into the different regions. It has become the most common system of heating in most homes.

Heat Pump System

Incredibly efficient heat pumps make use of the principles of air conditioning. By reversing parts of the process of air conditioning you can turn it into a heating unit. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to process refrigerants such as Freon so extracting and redistributing the heat allows the unit to heat a home. Heat pumps are a good choice for a mild climate. You get dual usage with its flexibility of being an air conditioner and heating unit all in one.

Dual Fuel Heat Pump

Warmer parts of the country such as Yorba Linda CA can use a combination electric heat pump and gas furnace. When the temperature comes above 35 degrees then electricity becomes the mechanism to heat the home but if the temperature drops below 35 degrees then it switches to gas heat. At colder temperatures gas comes as the better choice for efficiency and sometimes for cost effectiveness. Be aware that initial costs of the Dual fuel system are higher since it is two systems in one but once established the years following result in a lower cost and balance out in the long term.

Ductless Mini Split System

Older homes that have major remodeling done often need a supplemental heating service system. Ductless systems function much like a heat pump except instead of one unit many smaller units exist. It is possible each room can have its own heating unit. This makes the system highly flexible and individualized. Homes can become zoned so each zone can have its own thermostat. No duct work means less energy loss in an attic making it an efficient addition to any home.

Radiant Heating System

Jumping out of bed to become greeted by a cold harsh floor puts one not in the best mood. Using a radiant heating system means the floor becomes warmed by heating elements installed there.Two of the most common options come as electric based or liquid piped. Added advantages exist where since little air movement happens people with severe allergies benefit from less allergen brought in. Be aware the system does entail more cost and works best in drier climates but for health reasons it may be a home owners best option.

With all the choices now available and with all the home designs using a heating services additional reading or advice from a specialist can help you decide what the best options for your needs are.

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