The Process of Installing A Garage Door

When performing a garage door installation Chicago IL, a company will add tracks that are are positioned on both sides of the door, install a new pulley with a cable that opens the door, add rollers to the sides of the garage's opening and mount the main hub onto the central bearing of the motor.

The Lower Strip

The first step of the process is to add the rubber strip to the bottom of the door by attaching it to the compatible brackets. This component will ensure that the lowest panel doesn't become damaged when it hits the ground, and in addition, it can prevent the garage's floor from becoming scratched.

The Tracks

These parts will be placed slightly behind the sides of the garage's central opening. Made of steel, the tracks will be held in place by several large screws and brackets, and the two components must be completely parallel with one another.

The tracks will gradually curve upwards. The top section of each component should come into contact with the roof of the garage or with wooden beams.

Installing Rollers

One set of these components will be added to the upper part of each of the tracks, and another group of rollers should be placed on the bottom segment of the part.

The person who is performing the installation will attach the mounting brackets to the tracks by using screws, washers and nuts, and subsequently, the rollers can be slid into the round holes that are located on the side of each bracket.

The Pulley

This component should be attached by adding a large bolt that connects the pulley's central opening to one of the holes in the side of the track.

Next, the cable must be connected to the pulley. One side of the line will be attached to the hub that is linked to the garage door opener's motor, and the other section of the cable must be linked to the large springs that are connected to the inner part of the door.

A spring will also be attached to one side of the pulley in order to allow it to move slightly while the heavy door is opening and closing.

The Cable And The Automatic Opener

The company will connect the opener to the roof of the garage. The cable can be held near the ceiling by long brackets, and the end of the part should be attached to the motor.

As the motor's bearing spins the sprocket, the cable is going to raise or to lower the garage door.

The Sections

The majority of garage doors consist of three panels to five panels. The lower section should be placed tightly into its position within the tracks. Next, a person will hold the central part of the door above the lowest panel while another individual attaches the hinges that will connect the two panels.

Next, the upper part of the door can be attached to the central section by using the same process.

Moving The Track

Once the parts of the garage door have been connected to one another, the installers must modify the positions of the tracks to ensure that the parts aren't putting excessive pressure on the sides of the door.

The Torque Tube

If the customer does not opt to have an automatic opener installed, the business will usually add a torque tube to the top of the garage door. The tube spreads the force of a person who is pulling the door to all of the part's sections, and as a result, much less pressure will be required to open and to close the garage door.

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