Closing the Door on Construction Equipment Thieves

Consider your average workday as a contractor in Allentown. You leave the house at a fairly predictable time each morning, and often return late from difficult projects - chances are, you sleep pretty soundly after a hard day's work as well. Unfortunately, you may not be the only one on a schedule -- construction equipment theft by sharp-eyed thieves can be as high as $1 billion in assets each year, according to a recent report by security firm LoJack. What's protecting your truck, equipment and expensive tools from taking a trip in unauthorized hands? Your garage door is.

Could You Break Into Your Garage?

It may not seem like much -- a stuck hinge, a wobbly lock, even a faulty motor on electronic garage doors -- but if you ignore a need for garage door repair on your Allentown, PA garage, it's enough to give a criminal leverage for getting into your home. If you don't feel absolutely secure in the idea that you couldn't break into your own garage, it's time to fix the door and slam it in the face of would-be thieves at the same time. Even in construction equipment thefts, the same rule applies: making it difficult or impossible to take your belongings without effort or drawing attention will mean that these criminals will likely pass you by. A sturdy, functioning and well-lit garage door is a big stop sign for sneaky eyes looking for an easy target.

Sealing Up Your Assets

Your truck and trailer are the most likely victims of theft, but they are by no means the only potential loss. Power tools, hand tools and even materials like copper piping can be swiped and sold through illegal channels, leaving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the hole for replacements. When you lock all of your construction assets in a properly-sealed garage, they are not only safe from piecemeal theft, they're secured from damage from the elements as well. The result is clean, dry tools that are right where you left them before heading to bed the night before -- every day.

A Potential Insurance Benefit

Insurance companies -- both homeowners' and business -- are looking to reduce their liability as much as possible. In many cases, having a secure, locking garage to safeguard your contractor equipment will translate to a reduction in premiums, if not immediately than over the course of time as crime is prevented. You can even talk to your accountant about deducting your Allentown garage door repair as a business security expense, especially if you live in an area where crime occurs often. If a total garage door replacement is in order, opt for an energy efficient door model and look into eco-friendly tax credits to offset the cost as a homeowner.

A Resource for Your Crew

A busy contractor is hard-pressed to carry absolutely everything they need in one vehicle, making the garage a great storage space for backup equipment and materials. A properly functioning garage door with a lock system gives assistants and team members the ability to head to your home and grab what you need while you're hard at work, preventing interruptions. Hand out the keys or codes to trustworthy crew members and cross restocking issues off of your to-do list in no time. With a safe, secure garage door in place, you can stock up on common construction materials on sale and store them without concern, gaining profit as you dole them out from job to job. With the right garage door on your Allentown home, none of those materials are going "walking" until you want them to (go to website).

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