The Hidden Costs Of Moving

Moving is one of the most stressful events in someone's life. However, we all, at some point, will move from one place to the next. That's just part of the circle of life. Budgeting and pre-planning your move will help ease the burden a bit.

No matter how good you are at planning, there will inevitably be some surprises. Things you've forgotten or unforeseen things that sometimes just happen no matter how much you've planned in advance. Therefore, here are some of the hidden costs of moving to help you plan for the unexpected.

The Hidden Costs Of Moving


1. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. It seems that no matter how many boxes you think you will need, you almost always need more. Make sure you've planned ahead and know exactly where you can get your hands on extra boxes quickly if you run out.

2. Post-moving cleaning. Most people plan everything about their move but forget to plan the cost of cleaning their old place after they've moved. If you're going to be doing the cleaning yourself, you should buy your cleaning supplies in advance. After moving, you will be tired and the last thing you want to do is to have to go shopping for cleaning supplies.

If you're not going to do the cleaning yourself, don't forget to call ahead of time and make arrangements for a reputable cleaning company to do it for you. You'll need to schedule a date, a time, and make arrangements for the keys and other considerations.

3. Moving truck expenses. If you're moving yourself, there is more involved in the costs than just the truck. Don't forget that you'll have to pay for extra insurance (if it's not already covered under your auto insurance policy). You'll need to pay for the gas to put in the moving truck and you may even have to pay for extra mileage if the truck only comes with a limited amount of miles for the price. A good way to avoid the cost of mileage overages is to check your trip in MapQuest to help estimate what type of mileage you will need.

Watch out for those dents, dings, and scratches to the moving truck. Most moving truck companies will charge you for each additional piece of damage they find. The best way to avoid a discrepancy is to thoroughly note anything that could be a problem and follow that up by taking several pictures of the vehicle for your records.

4. Damaged items. If you use movers who are not paid by the hour, you're more likely to have some damage to your belongings because they are rushing to get it done. On the same note, if you're using your friends to help you move, they generally don't have the experience that a professional mover has and therefore are more likely to damage something due to inexperience and improper handling. This includes damage to your home, your floors, your walls, your carpet, and anything else that gets in the way.

5. Movers paid by the hour. Movers who are paid by the hour tend to move very slowly in order to be paid more for the job. And no matter how much you try to help them or move them along, they will not go any faster. Additionally, you'll have to pay for their rest breaks and their driving time.

6. Food and drinks. If you're having your friends help you move, you'll need to provide food and drinks. This is an expense that most people forget to budget for in advance.

7. Eating out. While moving, you will generally not have access to your kitchen and kitchen supplies and therefore will be required to eat out. Eating out is a huge expense, especially if your moving a long distance and will have to eat out more often. Don't forget to allow for this expense in your pre-move planning.

8. Tips. You will need to tip the movers. Find out what is customary in your area and make sure you have cash on hand at the end of your move to tip them.

The Take Away

Always try to research and plan ahead for all expected and unexpected expenses. Talk to your moving company in Virginia Beach and try to get a flat rate guarantee for your move. If you can't, ask them for a quote that has a "not to exceed" amount guarantee.

Try to find coupons and discounts for every part of your move from the truck rental to free pizza coupons. Many cities have restaurants or services that offer free things to new residents. The more you can do to plan for the unexpected, the more likely you are to experience a pleasant, event-free move. For more information check it out online or in your yellow pages for ways to save on your next move.

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