How to Program a Linear Garage Door Opener

A garage door won't do you much good if you don't know how to work it. When you learn how to properly program your linear garage door opener, it will provide you benefit instead of headache.

Program the Remote

To linear program the remote, go to the unit you already installed onto the ceiling. Use a ladder to reach the device, and pull down the lens cover. You'll see controls that help you set the remote.

For instance, many models have a yellow "learn" button present within the panel. Press this yellow button while holding the remote in your hand. Then, let go. You'll see a light next to the learn button, and you'll have 15 seconds to press and release the remote button.

If you see the opening light flash, you'll know that you correctly programmed the remote. You'll want to press the open button on your remove to test it. If you see the light flash when testing it, you more than likely shouldn't have a problem using it. However, you still have to set the keypad for use.

Program the Keypad

You repeat the same procedure you used for programming the remote. Just go back to the ceiling unit you installed, and press the yellow learn button again. After that, enter a desired four-digit code into the keypad. If you have question about what code to use, please consult your Linear product user's manual.

Otherwise, just continue this process: Press the enter button and wait for the garage door opener light to flash. Like when programming the remote, you must complete this action within 15 seconds. Therefore, it's wise to place the keypad as close as possible to the installed ceiling unit as you can. (Some newly constructed homes may have them already set in place, so you wouldn't have to worry much about this yourself.)

To test the keypad after attempting to program it, press the four-digit code you chose into it. Then, wait. The garage door should close and/or the light should shine.

De-programming your Linear Garage Door Opener

Go to the installed ceiling unit, flip down the lens cover, and press the same yellow "learn" button you used to program it. This will erase all code memories, and the only way you can open and close your garage door is with any installed hard wall button you may have.

Advantages of Having a Remote

You may not need a remote, but it does make life easier sometimes. After all, you're busy. If you have kids, you might have to feed them and send them off to school before you leave for work. If you're single, you won't have time because maybe you fill an extremely demanding position at work.

Time is precious, and as long as you set up your remote correctly, you shouldn't have problems using it. Of course, you have to protect yourself and your vehicle in the process.

How to Avoid Accidents

Don't take any chances. Make sure your test your Linear garage door opener several times before attempting to use it. Furthermore, always make sure no one is standing near the garage door, and make sure no one is standing in your driveway near the opening before you attempt to close it.

The only other challenge you might have is if you try to close the door right when someone else tries to operate it. Just watch carefully that you don't see one of your family members pulling in at the same time! Other than that, this unit usually works fine. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.

If you need assistance with your linear garage door opener, or any other part of your garage door, visit Garage Intel, Inc.

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