Tips for Keeping Your Shower Doors Looking Great

Some consider the bathroom the most difficult area of the home to keep clean. It gets lots of daily traffic, especially if you have a family with kids. Scouring sinks, tubs, floors, toilets, walls, or a shower stall can be time-consuming enough -- and then there's the shower door. Keeping a shower door clean, clear and sparkling can seem like a never-ending battle; however, there are ways to make it easier.

If you haven't been keeping up with cleaning your shower doors very well in recent weeks (or months), it may initially take some elbow grease to get it gleaming again. However, once you do, you'll likely feel more motivated to keep it looking great. Whether you bought your shower doors in Washington Township NJ or outlying areas, following these basic tips and guidelines can keep them looking amazing for years to come:

Tips for Sparkling Shower Doors

Tackle soap scum and hard water stains. Your biggest enemies when it comes to shower door cleaning and upkeep are soap scum and hard water stains. These offenders have a way of building up so gradually that before you know it, your shower door will start looking translucent and hazy instead of crystal clear. Begin by cleaning any soap scum buildup with Lime-A-Way, Bar Keeper's Friend, CLR, or your preferred cleaner. (Very thick soap scum residue can be handled by Bar Keeper's Friend Multipurpose Cooktop Cleaner.)

Try a handheld steam cleaner. If you own or have access to one, consider using a handheld steam cleaner to cut through accumulated soap scum. In many cases, a steam cleaner won't require any additional cleansers, and they are easy to use. Some include squeegee attachments that can help make the cleaning process go more rapidly. Steam cleaning effectively removes grime and dirt buildup around faucet handles and drains.

Keep a squeegee on hand. Now that your shower door has been revitalized, you'll want to keep it looking great. A squeegee is an excellent shower door cleaning tool to have on hand for keeping a glass shower door looking amazing. A small hand-held squeegee is inexpensive to buy and easy to store near the shower for easy after-shower access. Teach each member of your family to remove the residual water from shower doors with the squeegee while they are still wet. This will cut down on future cleaning time, making it much easier to do more extensive cleaning.

Consider eco-friendly options. While your initial cleaning may require “the big guns,” maintaining the cleanliness of your shower door can be accomplished with less harsh and potent products. A mild, natural glass cleaner can be created with vinegar and water. Use a microfiber cloth help reduce streaking and residue as you clean. You might also try straight vinegar and a squeegee for maintaining your clean shower doors in an eco-friendly way.

Keep 'em clean. Maintaining the look of your new or freshly cleaned glass shower doors will require some vigilance and effort. You'll need to stay on top of the soap scum and residue that will inevitably start creeping back with each shower that's taken. Soap scum and hard water stains are unsightly on glass shower doors, and mold and mildew can also grow on them, making your shower area unsafe and unhealthy. Resolving to do a quick cleaning after each shower will help to reduce soap scum buildup and allow your shower glass to stay beautifully crystal clear, just like when you bought it. A more vigorous cleaning should be done once every week or so to take care of any mold, mildew or areas of stubborn residue.

Your glass shower doors are an investment in your home. Treat them well, and they'll look great for years to come.

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