Preparing for a Major Home Remodeling Project

Scarborough says that new homeowners tend to take on major remodeling projects within the first three years of ownership. The trend also shows that people stay in their remodeled homes longer. If you're ready for a major project at home, then prepare yourself and your home for a smoother experience. You'll have less stress and be much happier with the outcome.

Get the Planning Done

The better your plan, the less likely there will be surprises. Have a complete design for the remodeling project. Leaving out even small details can cost you big later on. For example, have all of the fixtures specified on a major bathroom remodeling. Halfway through, finding out that the fixtures aren't available could cost you more to find similar fixtures to match your project.

Find a reputable contractor to review your plan. Resources such as Angie's List can help you find a remodeler that works in your area and specializes in what you want to achieve. Spend the time and money to go over the plan with the contractor. They can point out things that make the project more expensive than it needs to be.

Check the Codes

You'll also want to check with the local building codes department to determine if you can even do what your plan says. Adding a deck, extending a driveway or installing exterior electrical outlets on your patio are all covered by city or county codes. They specify standards to which the work must be done to be safe for people.

Should you or the contractor do any work covered by local codes without getting the right permit, you could find a notice from the city on your door saying to stop work until it is inspected. Once inspected, you could face redoing the work should it not meet the codes. Hiring a qualified contractor and researching the codes and permits lowers the risk of this happening. Make this a part of your plan to save on the frustrations.

Set Your Budget

Like all projects, without a solid budget you can stick to, overruns happen and you can find your remodeling project costing you much more than you imagined. Small details omitted from your budget can add hundreds of dollars to your project. If you’re building a fence around your property, figure in surveying fees for marking your property lines. Estimate the cost of dumpster rental in Syracuse, NY, to facilitate cleanup of large tear down projects like a roof replacement.

Equipment rental and storage space you might need during the remodel are other expenses you may have to estimate. A rule of thumb is to add 10 to 25 percent to your budget to cover all of those unexpected costs.

Financing Your Remodeling Project

Cash in the bank might be the best option for paying for a remodeling project. If you plan to stay in the house for several years, a line of credit or second mortgage might be a better option so you can keep your cash. If not staying long, using cash to pay for a project that enhances the value of your home will be a good option.

Change Happens

Be prepared for change. The rain starts and pouring your deck foundation is delayed. Material prices increase before they are needed. Your contractor finds termite damage in a roof joist which requires some major structural repairs before the roof is finished. Your budget contingency will help cover things but be smart about your timeline, too. Starting a six-week remodeling project six weeks before Thanksgiving so it will be done before guests arrive may not be wise. One issue can take the project well into Christmas.

Be Prepared and Enjoy Your Project

The better prepared you are for your project, the better experience you will have. Plan for the unexpected, make a detailed budget and be patient with changes. You'll have less stress during the project and be able to enjoy the improvements in your home much more.

When the time comes to start remodeling, you're going to need a place to put all the discarded waste from your home. A dumpster rental generally makes for a great place to dispose of such waste. Click here if you are in need of dumpster rental in Syracuse, NY.

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