Some Important Phone Numbers That You Should Always Have Handy

Most people take the time to program all of their friends' and family members' phone numbers into their cell phones, but can forget some of the most important numbers to have on hand. Whether one decides to program these important numbers into his or her phone, or to write them down on a piece of paper and stick it in his or her purse or wallet, the following phone numbers are important to keep handy:

Stolen Credit Card Line

Of course, nobody plans to have their credit cards stolen, which is why they don't keep the stolen credit card lines handy. While the number is printed on the back of the credit card, it won't do any good after the card is stolen. Once someone notices that their card is missing, he or she can cancel the card before the thief has a chance to run up the bill if this important number is programmed into his or her cell phone. It's a good idea to pull out all credit cards immediately and save the number on the back into a cell phone. If cards aren't immediately handy, a quick internet search with a smart phone or computer should reveal each card company's contact phone numbers.

Insurance Agent

The same goes for an auto insurance agent, as well as a health insurance agent. After calling 911 for help, an auto insurance agent is the next person in line to call. Though people do not call them every day, or even every year, it is important to have that number on hand for when it is needed.

A health insurance agent is another person that should be programmed into a cell phone. When someone is injured, he or she can contact the agent immediately to find out which hospital to go to, which healthcare providers are covered under the plan, and so forth.

Residential Locksmith

One of the worst feelings is to get home after a long day only to be locked out of the house. If the individual puts safety first, chances are there will not be any unlocked windows or hidden keys under the mat. For example, a person living in west Florida who has a phone number for a residential locksmith in Fort Meyers, FL, programmed into his or her phone will be able to get back into his or her home or care in no time. Most locksmiths are qualified to handle doors to homes, businesses, and even cars.

Because there are so many locksmiths with so many qualifications, it is essential to do research ahead of time. Rather than being stuck in the moment and having to call the first locksmith available, it's best to have the number to a locksmith who can be trusted.

Primary Care Physician

People won't always be where they can just stop in to the doctor's office. Whether they are on the road, at work, or stuck at home without a car, they could have some medical questions that need answering or an appointment that needs to be made. While at a specialist's office, they may need to relay information that they don't have on hand. Being able to quickly contact their PCP makes life more convenient and helps individuals get the proper medical care that they need right away.

Of course, in addition to these important phone numbers, individuals should consider who their closest contacts are in case of emergency. Is there someone they can call to pick up the kids from school when they are stuck in town? Is there someone they will need to get a hold of for an opinion while they are out shopping? As a person sits down to program numbers into his or her phone, he or she should consider what and who are the most important, and be sure to include them.

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