Three Great Tips For Finding Used Furniture

If you've ever been shopping for new furniture before, you understand how painful it is to find a piece that you love, only to glance at the price tag and nearly have a heart attack. New furniture has many great qualities, to be sure, but cost effectiveness is not one of them. Used furniture, on the other hand, can be a wonderful investment--provided you are careful about what you buy and where you get it from. If you want to find the best used furniture for your buck, you may need to get creative.

Take a look at the following tips if you're looking for ideas on how to find that old couch or chair that can win over a spot in your home and in your heart.

1. Pay a Visit to Your Friendly Neighborhood Yard Sale

During the spring and summer months, your neighborhood is bound to have at least one or two yard sales going on every week (or even every day). These can be great places to find all kinds of used furniture, from old roll-top desks to ottomans. Just remember to ask the seller if the furniture you're interested in has anything wrong with it, like a broken leg or spring. Ask them if you can "test it out" before you buy it. Be sure to look for any strong odors, stains, or other problems that could be deal breakers for you. 

Most yard sale hosts won't be able to process a credit card, so bring plenty of cash with you if you plan on taking a truckload of items home. Be thorough in your searches, because yard sales are often home to old furniture gems that can often be overlooked. You never know when you might find a valuable, beautifully-designed antique piece that you can purchase for pennies on the dollar.

2. Help Your Neighbors Move

When people move to a new home, they often try to downsize large items like furniture to make the move a little simpler and less stressful. You can be both neighborly and thrifty by offering to take that unwanted furniture off of their hands. They'll be grateful to have someone cart it away for them, and even if you don't decide to keep it, you might be able to sell it.

3. Take a Trip to Your Local Furniture Outlet

The great thing about used furniture outlets such as is that they take care to offer only pieces that are still in good condition. It will be easier to find sets of furniture in an outlet, and if you're lucky they may even offer warranties on the products they sell. That said, be careful of the type of furniture you buy from an outlet. They may sell items that were self-assembled by the previous owner, and there is usually no good way to ensure they did a quality job putting it together. 

Also, be sure to take a vehicle that's large enough to fit all the furniture you want. Some outlets will be happy to hold the furniture for you until you can come back to pick it up, but others will want you to take it then and there. Besides, it will save you time and gas to be able to haul your purchases away the first time.

Wherever you find your used furniture, make sure it's up to your standards before you leave with it. Look for sturdy furniture made of materials like wood or metal if you want it to last, but don't overlook veneer furniture if you value beauty over substance. Lastly, have fun with it! Shopping for used furniture can feel like a treasure hunt, and nothing is more exciting at the end of the day than bringing home a lovely old dresser or chair that might have been thrown out otherwise.

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