Ghost In Your Garage? Check This Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting Guide

Imagine this… you are sleeping and suddenly get woken up by the sound of your garage door opening. If this ever happens to you, your first thoughts may be that someone has broken into your house or you have a ghost in your garage. But, there are other things that can cause a garage door to suddenly open. It's important to solve the problem as soon as possible. If the garage door can seemingly open by itself in the middle of the night it may do the same during the day when nobody is home. This can leave your home wide open to burglars. Here are a few things that can cause a garage door to suddenly open by itself.

Same Frequency May Be Used for Others

If someone else is using the same frequency that your garage door opener and remote uses, this can definitely cause your garage door to open and close or not operate at all. Other people who may be on the same frequency are radio operators, first responders and the military.

It's a bit rare, but perhaps someone in your neighborhood has their garage door opener set to the same frequency that you do. This may be quite obvious if your garage door opens and closes along with your neighbor's garage door. However, the reception ranges may be far enough away that this may not be as apparent by the time you look out of a window to investigate.

Garage door openers use frequencies to open and close. The remotes and openers are set to the same frequency. In older garage door openers, this frequency can be manually changed by changing a setting on the opener. New garage door openers operate with a rolling code, which means that the frequency is constantly changing. This can make the chances of a neighbor having the exact same frequency as you on an ongoing basis nearly impossible. Given this, you may want to consider installing a new garage door opener with this feature. 

Power Surge May Have Damaged the Opener

A power surge can damage the electrical circuitry and wiring of the opener and/or the switch on the wall. A power surge can occur during a severe storm or when there are problems with the power company. This can cause a short in the wiring which may cause your garage door opener to intermittently open and close whenever it feels like it. Of course, this type of damage will need to be repaired by a garage door technician.

It's important to turn off all lights and disconnect all electronics and appliances from outlets when you lose power. This includes your garage door opener. That way, when the power returns, your risks of damage from a power surge may be greatly reduced.

This doesn't mean that your vehicle will be stuck in the garage during a power outage. Your garage door can still be opened during a power outage. You just have to pull the red release cord to disconnect the door from the opener so you can manually open the garage door.

A Remote Control Button May Be Stuck

The remote control button that operates the garage door opener may stick if it is worn or dirty. This may cause the button to remain in the pressed position long after you've pushed the button to open your garage door. Then, when the button pops up hours later, it can cause your garage door to suddenly open. Purchase a new remote control.

If you have a spare remote and keep it in a junk drawer in your kitchen, you run the risk of damaging the remote button each time you open the drawer and rummage through it. This can also cause the button to stick. Keep the spare remote in a different location where it will not be easily damaged.

To keep your home safe and locked up while you wait for a repair service like, switch the garage door opener to vacation mode if it has that option. If not, pull the same red release cord that you would during a power outage to keep it from opening and closing. 

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