What You Need To Know About Garage Doors And Burglaries

If your home has a garage, there are several hazards you need to be aware of. Most homeowners know about the dangers of the moving parts of a garage door opening system, and the dangers of entrapment underneath a garage door. However, garage doors are dangerous in ways you may not have thought about before—burglaries. Here are several examples.

An Open Garage Door Is An Invitation to a Burglar

Problem: Police departments in several locations have noted that garage doors are used by burglars to gain entry into homes. In Leawood, Kansas, nearly half of all residential burglaries occurred when suspects entered open garage doors to get into the homes. Partially open garage doors are also entry points. A man in Fullerton, California, entered a home through a partially opened garage door and pointed his gun at the residents who lived there.

Solution: While it's common sense to close your garage door, sometimes people forget. If this sounds like you, set your garage door opener up to be opened and closed by your smartphone. That way, you can open and close it at any time, from any location. Ask your garage door repair technician for more information about devices he or she can install for you.

Disconnected Garage Doors Are Easy to Open

Problem: Garage doors that are closed can also be opened easily from the exterior if the garage door opener is disconnected from the door. Sometimes, people disconnect their garage door from the opener if it's not working properly, such as if they have a broken garage door spring. Garage doors may also need to be disconnected when there is a power outage.

Solution: While this can be done temporarily, don't wait too long before you call for repairs for your broken garage door. Burglars like to stake out their targets. A burglar who sees someone manually opening and closing a garage door may realize the garage door is not locked. If you have a power outage, only disconnect the opener long enough to get your vehicles out of the garage. Then, reconnect the opener so it cannot be opened manually.

Garage Door Remotes Can Be Stolen from Vehicles

Problem: Drivers clip their garage door openers to their visors or leave them out in the open. Sometimes, burglars look for garage door openers in vehicles, and steal them to gain access to the home at a later time. In Phoenix, Arizona, a man was caught with as many as six garage door openers in his vehicle. He stole them from vehicles that were parked in driveways. The police suspect that his plan was to use the garage door openers to get into the homes at a later time when the homeowners were not at home.

Solution: Do not leave your vehicle unlocked, even when you park it in your driveway. It's also a good idea to not leave the remote where it can be easily seen from outside of the vehicle. A good location for your remote may be underneath your driver's seat or in a locked glove box. Another solution is to use your smartphone as a remote instead of the actual remote. Here is a tutorial you can use to set it up, or ask your garage door repair technician if he or she can do it for you.

It's also important to lock the door in between your garage and your home. That way, even if someone does get into your garage, they will not be able to get into your home. Your garage door is the largest entry point of your home, so it's important to keep it secured with places like http://planooverhead.com

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