How To Create An Adult Jungle Themed Bedroom In Your Basement

Jungle bedrooms aren't just for kids and by following these guidelines, you can have your own adult animal themed bedroom. Below you'll learn how to turn your basement bedroom into your own private jungle.


If you want the total effect of a jungle basement bedroom, hardwood flooring is your best option. Because it's manufactured from trees, hardwood will give your safari bedroom a more natural look and feel. Since your color scheme is primarily earthy tones, darker wood flooring will better compliment these natural colors than a lighter shade.


Use earthy tones for your safari bedroom walls and paint them a shade of beige or cream. If your bedroom is small, a lighter paint color will make your room appear larger. Purchase primer and waterproof masonry paint for your basement walls.

  1. If your basement walls are already painted, scrape off the old paint using a wire brush and a paint scraper.
  2. After you've removed the old paint, clean the walls with trisodium phosphate cleaner mixed with water. You can purchase this detergent at home improvement stores.
  3. First, paint your walls with paint primer so the top coat will adhere better to the walls. This also seals the pores of the wall. Apply the primer with a brush, because the concrete will quickly soak it up as you're painting. Let the primer dry for a minimum of eight hours.
  4. Use a roller to apply the masonry paint, but use your paintbrush to fill in any depressions in the wall. After you've filled in the crevices, go back over the area with your roller brush. Let this coat dry overnight and apply a second coat in the same way.


Rustic wood furniture compliments a safari themed bedroom and bigger sized pieces will blend in to this theme well. Place a large faux animal print area rug in the middle of your bedroom floor. An alternative to animal print curtains are wooden woven blinds.


Hang a few animal or jungle themed prints on your wall and use these ideas below for more jungle decorating ideas:

  • Plants—Add greenery to your bedroom with silk potted palms, ferns, grasses or a banana tree.
  • Wooden animal statues—You can purchase these in a variety of sizes from small animal carvings to place on a shelf or taller ones to stand in a corner of the room.
  • Drums—Place a large wooden bongo drum next to your bed and use it as a nightstand.
  • Woven baskets—These do double duty by acting as decoration and storage containers.
  • Tribal masks—Hang carved wooden tribal masks on your wall for decoration. Choose from solid colored masks or ones that are painted and finely detailed.

Less Is More

There are over 1,100 species of mammals living in Africa, but that doesn't mean that you should have them all represented in your bedroom. When decorating in a jungle theme, it's easy to overdo it with animal print accessories.

If your room has too many different types of animal prints, it can become overwhelming. If you choose an animal print bedspread, use solid colored curtains and pillows. If your bedspread is solid, add contrasting pillows. If you want to add a splash of brightness to your safari room, the best colors to use are orange or red.

Another idea is to concentrate on one specific animal instead of having a mix of different animal prints. For instance, you can choose a zebra themed bedroom with the main colors being black and white with zebra print décor. Alternatively, go with a leopard or cheetah theme if you prefer spotted prints.

By following these guidelines, you can have an appealing adult jungle themed bedroom in your basement. Contact a professional in your area for hardwood floor installation to get your project underway.

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