Getting Serious About Commercial Security? Don't Make These Mistakes

When you own or manage a commercial building, security should be one of the primary concerns. You need to be confident that your building is not only secure from potential burglary, but also from the risk of internal theft. In the rush to secure your building, you may overlook some key security considerations. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid when approaching your commercial security needs.

Skipping the Property Assessment

Whether you hire in-house security or you sign a contract with an outside provider, failing to do a full property assessment can be a serious security risk. It is important that you do a complete walk-through with a security professional or commercial locksmith to spot vulnerabilities.

Every property is different in terms of potential security threats and weaknesses. You'll need to know exactly where your building is vulnerable in order to establish a consistent, reliable security plan. Once you have done this property evaluation, you can work with your security team to create an access control plan that addresses the real issues you have identified.

Sacrificing Security for Appearances

If you put the statics ahead of your building security, you are bound to leave serious vulnerabilities. Although you may consider visible cameras and security lighting to be an eyesore, having your security measures clearly visible serves as a significant deterrent.

Most people will be discouraged from misbehavior simply by the presence of video cameras. Placing your cameras clearly in the open lets everyone know that you are watching the events in the building. In addition to visibility indoors, you should also take an objective look at the outer perimeter.

Although shrubbery and landscaping along your walkways, sidewalks, and building edge can be attractive, they can also create ideal hiding places for would-be burglars. Make sure that all of these areas are clear and open by focusing landscaping in other places instead.

Being Selective about Your Security

When it comes to locking down your buildings entrances, don't be choosy. Even emergency exits are still potential points of entry. Although you may want to focus your surveillance and security efforts on the main entrances, consider installing access alarms to any doorways intended for emergency purposes.

You should also ensure that your security team is requiring identification from everyone entering the building at every access point. Sometimes, this means putting a security guard at the front entrance, and then access card readers at any other entrances. Installing a system such as this will allow you to ensure security without additional personnel for every entrance.

Making Exceptions for Management

Another important part of your security program should include getting your employees involved. Make sure that everyone understands how to look out for each other and what is going on around them. Everyone should also understand that management is no exception when it comes to security.

Avoid making exceptions that keep management staff from having to follow the rules. An ID card system is only effective when everyone is required to use them. If management cannot lead by example, they will undermine the integrity of the entire security program.

Overlooking Internal Access Issues

Often, the biggest threats to a business come from inside. With so much confidential information in various areas of the building, failing to take appropriate steps to secure these assets can put your company at risk. If you plan to institute an identification-based access control system, this can also be an asset for internal security.

Identify the most sensitive areas in the building, and determine how you want to define appropriate access. You may limit access to certain levels of management, or those in particular departments. With identification-based system, you can even change access permissions at will. The access control logs typically stored by these systems will make it easy for you to see who has been in high profile areas.

As you can see, commercial security goes beyond just putting a lock on the front door. There are many things that you will need to consider, and many mistakes to avoid if you want to ensure the integrity of your property. Follow the tips presented here and work with an access control professional from a place like Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC for the best possible security plan for your business.

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