Making The Most Of Your Backyard Fence: Tips For Keeping Your Dog Secure

Backyard fencing is a great way to provide a safe place for your dog to run. Unfortunately, even the best fence isn't always enough to keep the dog inside or other problems outside. If you find that your fence isn't sufficient to contain your pup, or your dog is being teased by neighborhood kids, there are some steps that you can take. Here are some tips to combat some of the most common issues with backyard fencing for dogs.

Landscaping Deters Dogs Who Jump

If your dog has a tendency to jump the fence, and raising the fence height isn't an option, create a barrier with landscaping. Plant thick shrubs along the fence line to create a wide boundary. This will force your dogs to stay further back from the fence. The added distance is often just enough to discourage jumping.

In addition to jumping issues, this type of landscaping can also deter patrol pups. You know the kind - the ones who walk the fence line as though they were on guard duty. Many of these dogs will bark at passers-by, making sure everyone knows where their turf is. If this sounds like your pooch, these types of pushes may provide you with some peace (and your dog with some rest).

Rollers and Lean-Ins Combat Jumping

Rollers are often installed on the top of the fence to keep coyotes from climbing over the top. Rollers consist of free-spinning bars that attached to the top of the fence. If your dog tends to jump and climb, these rollers will make it exceedingly difficult to get over the fence.

Instead of adding spinning bars to the top of the fence, you may want to install a lean-in. These are angled fence structures that lean in from the fence over your yard. They typically only extend a few feet, but it's just enough to keep your dog from getting out.

Bamboo Blocks Visual Threats

Activity taking place beyond your fence line is often a contributing factor to nervousness and barking. If you've installed a chain-link fence, this may be a problem for your dog. You can eliminate the disturbance of visual threats by attaching bamboo rolls to the fence. The bamboo will not only keep your dog from seeing what goes on outside the fence line, but it also prevents those outside from seeing into your backyard.

L-Barriers Help Stop Digging

Dogs who dig are a nuisance not only to your fence, but also to your yard. If you have filled in hole after hole along the fence line, it may be time for barrier installation. Installing an L-barrier will prevent your dog from digging along the edge of the fence. It is aptly named, because this barrier is a sheet of metal mesh bent in the shape of an L.

When this barrier is secured into place, one side sits flush to the fence. The bend will sit flush to the ground in front of the fence. After it is secured with clips, rivets, or other fixtures, your dog will be unable to dig in that immediate area. If the digging is an attempt to get out of the yard, this will bring it to an end.

As you can see, there are a variety of methods for preserving the integrity of your fence from places like Pacific Fence, even in the face of an adventurous dog. It is easy to overlook the risk of these problems when installing your backyard fence. With the tips presented here, you can help keep your dog in and problems out, all at a fraction of the cost of installing a whole new fence.

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