3 Reasons You May Need A Dumpster Rental

Have you ever considered renting a dumpster? There are times when dumpster rentals really come in handy. They are not just for putting behind shopping malls anymore. Here are three ways regular, everyday people like you can benefit from dumpster rentals.

1. An Outdoor Wedding

According to PureVolume.com, an outdoor wedding on your property is the perfect occasion to use a dumpster rental. Think about it. You will have a lot of people on your property, maybe even 100 or more. Those people will be generating a lot of trash at the reception. There will also be decorations, wedding favors, and lots of items that are not reusable that you will need to dispose of after the wedding. A bunch of trash bags, even if they are very large, just aren't going to do it.

When it comes time to clean up after the wedding, a rented dumpster will make everything so much easier. This is true whether you're cleaning up on your own or if you've hired people to do it. Having one extra huge place to put everything, and then have it hauled away for disposal is the ultimate in convenience after the long, exhausting process of setting up and attending the wedding.

2. Moving

If you are moving and have a lot of things you need to get rid of before you do, a dumpster rental may be the perfect solution. This works really well if you have been living in a large house for a long time and are downsizing. It is also helpful if you have been storing a lot of things you never plan on using again.

Your local garbage collectors will certainly appreciate it if you don't pile mounds of trash and discarded household items on your curb for them to deal with when you move. If some of your discarded items are very big, the garbage collectors may not even take them.

Using a rented dumpster will allow you to just toss things in there as you decide to get rid of them. There will be no multiple trips to the curb or to the landfill. It will make the already difficult process of moving so much easier on you.

3. A Home Construction Project

Renovating a house, even if it's just adding on one room, will generate a lot of construction debris. The more extensive the renovations, the more you will have to throw away as you go and when its over. Having a rented dumpster on hand simplifies the process, helps you keep the construction area safer by throwing away debris as you go, and means an instantly clean yard once your project is finished.

A rented dumpster will be helpful for hired contractors or for you, if you are a DIY person. Because a home construction project generates a lot of debris, it may be necessary to rent two to gather it all up. It is worth it. The added expense of one or two dumpsters will more than pay for itself in the convenience and streamlining it offers you in completing your project.


A rented dumpster is something you can use for many occasions at your home. While you may think of them as things used by large companies for extensive projects or special events, they have very good and important residential uses, too.

Think about the last large gathering you hosted or move you made. Wouldn't it have been so much nicer if you'd had a dumpster on site? The next time you have something big going on at your property, do yourself a favor and call a dumpster rental company, like Peterson's Service Corp, to assist.

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