5 Design Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the best rooms in your home for showcasing your personal unique decorating style. Here are five design ideas that can help you transform your bathroom into your interior design dream.

Consider Recessed Shelves

Not every homeowner is fortunate enough to have a large, spacious bathroom. In many bathrooms, one of the biggest space hogs is storage space for towels, makeup, and toiletries. You can eliminate this problem and make your bathroom seem much larger by installing recessed shelves in your bathroom walls.

Recessed shelves are an excellent alternative to clunky shelves that stick out into the middle of the room. They are also a stylistic choice, serving as an excellent complement to modern, minimalistic decor without sacrificing much-needed storage space. If you are a DIY-oriented homeowner, you can find a guide for building and installing your own recessed shelves here.

Forgo Bulky Vanities for a Roomier Look

Next to your bathtub, your vanity will often take up the most space in your bathroom. There is simply no better way to create more space in your bathroom than scaling back the vanity. There are several attractive styles to choose from even for smaller vanities, and you should not feel that you are sacrificing design or functionality by choosing a smaller one. Pedestal vanities and console vanities are two styles that open up space in your bathroom and make it seem more visually expansive.

Every Bathroom Needs Windows

There are several reasons that every bathroom needs a window. In addition to making your bathroom feel more spacious, windows and skylights will illuminate your bathroom with natural light that adds beauty to your existing decor. You can use frosted glass for your window or skylight to maintain your privacy as well.

Even if a genuine window to the outside is not a possibility in your home, you can still add faux windows to create an illusion of more space. Putting faux windows in the wall between your bathroom and an adjacent room will still allow some natural light to filter in from other windows in your home. Here is a guide that will help you install your own windows in your bathroom.

Maintain a Tight Color Scheme

Several elements of your bathroom's decor combine to give it a unique personality and  tone. To create a pleasing and harmonious environment in your bathroom, you need to make sure that your tiles, paint, fabrics, and shower curtain follow a consistent design theme. Common ways to achieve this are to go for a two-tone "white and bright" theme, or to base your design around airy complimentary colors that contrast with a dark vanity or shelves.

Customize Your Shower Doors

Your shower enclosure can be seen as the heart of your bathroom's design, as it will be the focal point of the room and set the tone for the rest of your decor to follow. For example, you wouldn't want to decorate the rest of your bathroom with geometric, minimalist furniture if you had ornate French shower doors.

The first decision you should make when choosing custom shower doors, like those from Clifton Mirror & Glass, is the type of glass that you want to use. Transparent glass will showcase the design of your shower as soon as you enter the room, but depending on your living arrangements or personal preference you may choose frosted glass for privacy and aesthetics. There are countless design options for shower doors and enclosures, but you could get even more creative by using salvaged windows for an industrious design or a glass-free canopy enclosure.

The ideas and projects listed here should give you a good foundation for creating a one-of-a-kind bathroom decor. Remember that building on the style and design of others is one of the best ways to bring your own design to a new level.

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