Six Ways To Brighten A Garden Fence

Wood fencing make the perfect backdrop for rustic garden decor. Because the wood is a natural element, it enhances the beauty of lush foliage and bright flowers. It lends itself well to flowing flowers and primitive or whimsical art. You are limited only by your imagination, but here are some fresh ideas to get your started.

Climbing Flowers

Climbing flowers planted in front of wooden fences and allowed to vine to the top create a living wall of color. This option requires little work from you and can create a dazzling display to brighten a wall. Think rambling roses, black-eyed Susan vines and scarlet runner beans for an eye-catching display of color. If you are looking to add fragrance to the yard, try old-fashioned climbing sweat peas, climbing nasturtiums, honeysuckle or wisteria. Always match the lighting needs of the plants to the location of your wall. Trying to grow sun-loving flowers on a shady wall will lead to disappointment and frustration.

Shadow Boxes

Attaching shadow boxes made from pressure treated lumber to the fence breaks up the blank surface and gives you plenty of room to display plants or other garden decor. According to Sunset, these shadow boxes are sturdy enough to hold a gallon-size plant in a medium-weight pot. Make your shadow boxes in difference sized rectangles or squares and stagger them on the wall to create an interesting design. Tuck in plants in bright pots or garden decor to add color to your wall.

Plant Hooks & Hanging Plants

Climbing flowers aren't the only option for creating a living wall of plants. Purchase wrought iron plant or coat hooks and attach them to the wall for hanging baskets and pots of flowers. You'll want to include trailing flowers, like petunias and ivies, of course, but don't overlook smaller flowers to add dimension to the wall. Think bold begonias, delicate alyssum or tiny million bells to add contrast in size and shape. For the more practical gardener, pots of fresh herbs or tiny cherry tomatoes are always an option.


Old mirrors bring new life to the garden and dress up a wooden fence. Search yard sales, or grandma's attic, to find a variety of old mirrors for your garden. Look for those with metal frames that can withstand the elements, or give old wooden frames a coat of new paint and seal them with weatherproof paint. Arrange mirrors so they are angled slightly downward and off to one side so they will reflect your garden. While you can decorate your wall with a variety of mirrors, consider tucking old mirrors between shadow boxes or hanging plants. You can even position a mirror behind hanging plants to double their impact, or tuck them inside the shadow boxes to create the illusion of depth.


Adding real windows to your wooden fence probably wouldn't be practical, but that doesn't mean you can't add faux windows and decorate them with style. Refinish old window frames and place them on the wall with hanging pots of trailing flowers in front of them to create the illusion the windows are real. Likewise, you can add a sheets of mirrors behind the window frame to make it look like you are viewing a garden beyond the fence.

Birdhouses & Bird Feeders

Inviting birds to your yard or garden adds color and movement to the area. Take advantage of a wooden fence as the backdrop for bird feeders and houses. Attach tiny birdhouses along the top of the fence where birds are likely to perch, or hang them from plant hangers along the wall. Add decorative bird feeders in a variety of shapes and sizes to attract wild songbirds to your yard. Don't forget to add hummingbird feeders for a buzz of activity all summer long.

You aren't limited to these ideas and don't have to choose only one. Experiment with incorporating several of the ideas into the same wall and don't be afraid to add decorative touches of your own.

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