2 Ways To Give Your Home A Facelift By Changing The Garage Door

If you have a garage that faces the street, you can revitalize the look of the front of your home simply by changing one element – the garage door. Your garage door is a big feature that takes up a substantial amount of space in the front of your home, especially if you have a two or three-car garage. Making changes to that one large feature can be enough to completely change your home exterior, which can be a good option if you lack the time or funds to do an exterior makeover, but want to upgrade your home's look. Take a look at two garage door changes you can make that will change the face of your home.

Bring Back the Front Door

It wasn't that long ago that the front door of the home was the most important door of the home. While children or family members might have used a back door or side door for easy access, an important guest would always come to the front door to be shown into the home. Recent trends have seen the garage door replace the front door as the main point of entry for most, if not all guests, as well as the people who live in the house.

If you preferred the more formal arrangement of guests coming to the front door to be shown into the foyer or sitting room, rather than wandering informally past the tool collections and boxes of junk in the garage and into the house through the kitchen or family room, you may want to deemphasize the garage in order to help bring attention to the front door as the main entry way and focal point.

To do this, pick a garage door that blends in with its surroundings. Eschew windows, handles, or distinctive hardware that would draw a viewer's attention to the garage. Choose a plain, flat design that doesn't catch the eye or make the garage area stand out. Opt for a solid color finish that matches the color of the material surrounding the garage door. If your house is painted light blue, choose a light blue garage door. If you have a brick house, choose a rusty red color. For a wooden house, choose a wooden garage door, or a metal or fiberglass door with a wood grain finish. These choices will help your garage blend into the background, while your front door appears more noticeable and distinct.

Accentuate Your Garage

On the other hand, if you think your home exterior is a little drab and you want to bring some color and life to it, the garage door space gives you plenty of room to do so. Draw eyes away from a fading paint job or a roof that needs repaired by making the garage door the center of attention. Instead of allowing the garage door to blend in, make it the dominating feature of your exterior.

Don't worry if you can't find just the right door for your home – if you have an idea of what kind of look you're going for, you should be able to custom order the right door for your home. Do you have a colonial style home? Choose a coach house-style garage door or a paneled wood door. Have a ranch-style home? Opt for raised panels or wooden slats.

The accessories make all the difference. Look for decorative iron hinges or handles and pebbled or frosted glass windows. Choose a color that stands out from the rest of the house, but doesn't clash with it. White is a good choice for a brick or stone home, and green stands out against the backdrop of a wooden house. Consider adding a wooden or metal arch over the garage door for that extra something.

Once you find the perfect garage door, make sure that you hire a professional installer to put it in place for you. Garage door installation is a highly precise process, and you don't want to damage your carefully chosen garage door to get it into place. You'll be amazed at what a difference a garage door can make to the look of your home's exterior.

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