5 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Plumbing To PVC Pipes

Your home's plumbing pipes carry the important responsibility of supplying water to all areas in your home. It is a good idea to keep your home's plumbing maintained and in working order to avoid water leaks and other problems. If your home has metal plumbing pipes installed, there are several reasons you should upgrade to plastic PVC pipes.

Greater Strength

If your home is in an earthquake zone, you may have to deal with some small movements of the earth that can put extra pressure on your home's plumbing pipes. Metal pipes are more brittle and prone to breaking under pressure. Metal pipes won't allow any slight movement that a plastic PVC pipe can.

Better Health

Lead pipes are no longer used in building plumbing because there are so many health problems from lead poisoning. 

Copper pipes can cause some health problems as well if your home's plumbing is made from copper. If drinking water sits in your home's copper pipes for six hours or more, copper will leach into the water. If you drink this it can make you sick. Although you need a small amount of copper in your diet, large amounts of copper from your water pipes can cause kidney and liver problems, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Over time, new copper pipes in a home will form a protective layer on the inside of the pipe, preventing the copper from leaching into your drinking water. Until you can replace the copper piping with plastic PVC, be sure to run the water for a full minute before getting water to drink. 

No Corrosion

When water runs through a metal pipe twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it is going to corrode and rust. When a metal pipe begins to corrode and rust, it will eventually break down and get holes and cracks. This leads to water dripping inside walls and underneath floors until there is a large moisture mess when you finally discover it. Water left to sit in wood and drywall leads to mold which is hazardous to your health.

The best way to fix the problem of corrosion is to replace your plumbing pipes to PVC that does not ever rust or corrode. 

Energy Efficiency

Plastic PVC pipes are better insulators for hot and cold water. Metal naturally conducts heat better than plastic does, so metal pipes will pull the heat out of your hot water running through your pipes. Instead of heating the water in your washer, the heat in your hot water will end up heating your metal pipes.

Installing plastic PVC pipes in your home will prevent condensation from forming on the outside of your water pipes. When condensation forms on your pipes, the moisture can freeze in low winter temperatures, increasing the chance that your pipes will freeze as well. 

Better Water Flow

The insides of metal pipes become corroded and break down in water, which causes an uneven, bumpy surface inside your pipes. Metal pipes also are prone to calcium buildup and corrosion, which can slow down the water's speed as it passes through your home's pipes. 

Plastic pipes are completely smooth and allow water to flow fast and freely to you. When you are using water to fill something in your home, the speed of the gallons per minute that comes from your pipes does make a difference.

If your home does not have plastic PVC pipes, there are many reasons to upgrade them from metal pipes. If not for your health, then update your pipes to get a more energy efficient home, and plumbing that lasts longer.

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