How To Make Your Office Building Look And Feel More Appealing To Clients

If the interior and exterior of your professional building lacks visual appeal, you might have problems bringing in new clients. One of the best marketing strategies you can use is commercial painting. The right colors and designs won't only make your business more marketable – they also attract more clients and save you money. You can keep these tips below in mind when you want to make your office building look and feel more appealing.

Choose Neutral or Earth Tone Colors for Your Exterior

Some colors like red and fluorescent orange tend to be too bright and distracting for the exterior of a professional building, especially if you represent an industrial or manufacturing profession. These types of colors also attract the sun's light and heat, which may increase your utility bills in the cold season. You can avoid these issues by choosing neutral or earth tone colors. Here's why:

More Resistant to Fading

Neutral and earth tone colors like brown, coral and sandstone reflect sunlight and are less likely to fade under the heat of the sun than rich or dark colors like black, dark blue or red. Because of this, you may not have to paint your building for several years. Here are several more benefits you may get from using neutral or earth tone shades:

  • Your building stays cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. This saves you money on unexpected expenses.
  • Your employees may work better in a comfortable indoor environment. 
  • A comfortable building increases your employees' work productivity and promotes a happier attitude in the office.

When clients see how well your employees work, they may come back more often for more info on your services.

Easy to Combine

When you combine or use them together, neutral and earth tone colors work well when placed in the trim of your windows, doors and other exits and entrances. For instance, you might choose unique earthy colors like Turkish coffee with creamy beige for your overall design. You can paint the entire building in creamy beige and highlight the trims with Turkish coffee.

In addition, these paint shades add warmth and comfort to the building's exterior. These features can help you develop a steady flow of clients because they feel welcomed and wanted when they arrive.

Once you choose the exterior colors for your building, focus on the interior of your offices, lobby and other client rooms.

Choose Interior Colors That Keep Clients Cheerful and Relaxed

Clients who don't like the setting or feel of your front lobby, they may decide to go elsewhere for services. Dark colors like black or gray may seem too depressing or somber, especially if you work in the legal or medical field. Instead, you might choose cheerful colors or calming colors like yellow, turquoise and powder blue.

Paint the Lobby in Calm Colors

After they enter your building's front doors, your clients will notice everything about the front lobby. The lobby's colors may set the tone for the rest of your clients' visit. Calming colors like a soft powder blue may relax customers who feel anxious or stressed about an important meeting or medical checkup.

Paint the Lobby in Cheerful Colors

If you want to create a more cheerful atmosphere in your front lobby, choose a combination of different shades of yellows, reds and oranges. If you use the colors in stripes and other interesting designs, they may be more attractive to your clients.

You may decide to use the colors with dark or light natural wood furnishings, desks and other accents. Special lighting effects like wall lighting and paintings with lights may add more ambiance to the colors as well. With the right ideas, you can create any type of lobby you want for your business. 

If you have questions about choosing the best colors and designs for your business, contact your commercial painting experts for more ideas. 

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