3 Great Ways To Keep Your Cool When Your AC Goes Kaput

A broken air conditioning service is more than just a discomfort and a financial annoyance. Dealing with a broken AC in the middle of summer can prove problematic for your health and the health of your family. In fact, excessive heat waves can cause fever, poor circulation and even death. Fortunately, there are a few ingenious ways to keep your cool while you wait for your AC repairs.

A Cool Excavation

A brutal heat wave is enough to put anybody in a bad mood. Rather than allowing your blood to boil, chill out with a "cool" game. Have your kids gather small toys from their room and place them in a large bowl full of water. Put the bowl in your freezer until it forms a frozen block of ice. Work the ice out of the bowl and place it on a surface, preferably outside.

You and your children will have to excavate your way through the icy block to retrieve the toys. Not only will the game provide plenty of fun and entertainment, contact with the ice will give you and your children the opportunity to cool down. Your body contains several pulse points, and applying ice to those pulse points is a great way to cool down fast.

Pulse points contain a collection of nerves situated just beneath the surface of your skin. By placing ice on those pulse points, you cool the blood traveling through the nerves to help decrease your body's internal temperature. The inside of your wrists contain pulse points so contact with the icy excavation block will help cool your mood and your body's temperature.

A Chilly Homemade Project

Ice comes in handy in more ways than one when you are trying to cool off. Ask your children to assist you with a handy, yet chilly DIY project. Despite the heat outside, you may require gloves for this icy project. You will need a small portable fan, a foam cooler and a large bag of ice.

Cut a hole in the lid for your foam cooler. Make sure the hole is not too big or else your fan will fall through the lid. Fill the cooler full of ice, place the lid on the cooler and put a fan on top of the lid. Make sure you place the fan so that it is laying on its back. The fan will blow the cold air from inside the cooler around your room, providing you with your very own DIY air conditioner.

A Spicy, Yet Effective Treat

Have you ever noticed how so of the hottest countries in the world serve up some of the spiciest dishes? India often suffers brutal heat waves, yet residents chow down on spicy foods that make them sweat profusely. Of course, sweating is the key to staying cool. When your core temperature rises, your body sweats in order to cool your down from the inside out.

As the sweat evaporates from your skin, you experience a cooling relief. Fortunately, you can experience the same relief. Have your family members assist you in putting together a spicy treat to help cool you down. For best results, break out the crockpot rather than using the stove or oven. You want to minimize the heat in your home as much as possible.

Use your crockpot to create a spicy Mexican dish or a spicy Thai soup. Better yet, get creative and make a spicy nacho cheese dip and enjoy with tortilla chips. Melt your cheese in the crock pot and stir in tomatoes, chilies and jalapenos for a spicy treat that will have you sweating off the heat in no time.

Make sure you contact an AC repair professional near you as soon as you experience problems with the AC. Repair professionals will respond to your call as quickly as possible, but luckily enough, you will have plenty of ways to stay cool while you wait. Make sure you have plenty of cold water on hand to prevent the dangers of dehydration as well as applying "cool," fun and effective ways to beat the heat.

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