5 Occasions When Your Plumber Is Your Best Friend

When you think of your friends, does your plumber spring to mind? If not, you may want to re-think your relationship with this professional. A skilled plumber from sites like http://www.bishopplumbing.com can be your best friend, not just when disaster strikes but as a trusted partner in preventing those disasters from ever occurring. Here are five occasions to make you happy you kept in touch with your plumber.

1. Family Reunions

Family reunions make any occasion more special, from college graduation weekend to Thanksgiving holidays. But if you plan on hosting even a few more occupants than usual for days at a time, then you need to reunite with your plumber beforehand. You'll have more people using the tubs, toilets, and various sinks, and your clothes washer will be running overtime. Get these appliances inspected, any any faults in performance dealt with, before the relatives arrive.

2. The Spring Thaw

You may love to see plants and trees renew themselves every spring -- but you probably don't love the idea of tree roots destroying the sewer lines that supply your house. Trees typically put down new roots during a springtime growth spurt, and if your sewer pipes are made of clay or other old, fragile materials, those roots can crack or break their way right into them. Your plumber can use the following methods to help:

  • Annual sewer line inspection -- This maintenance routine involves the use of a long fiber-optic cable attached to a video monitor. This equipment reveals the presence of leaks, cracks, or other breaches that may be wasting water or impairing your plumbing system performance.
  • Pipe replacement - If one or more sections of old clay pipe have succumbed to tree roots, your plumber can replace some of all of them with new segments made of sturdier materials such as PVC or copper.

3. The Dog Days of Summer

Summertime means inflatable pools, frequent lawn sprinkling, and many glasses of water drunk. On top of these anticipated usages, however, you may be paying high water bills unnecessarily due to inefficient appliances. Ask your plumber about the possibility of installing low-flow toilets, shower heads and other fixtures. A low-flow toilet alone can help a family of four conserve up to 10,823 gallons of water per year!

4. When Things Turn Cold

Even after summer lets up, your plumbing woes haven't necessarily ended. Cold weather can cause you plumbing headaches as well. Fortunately, your plumber can come to the rescue in a couple of ways:

  • Water turns to ice when the weather turns frigid -- and this ice can have a damaging effect on your pipes. If you're not sure whether your pipes can hold up to that first big freeze of the year, your plumber can evaluate their position and degree of insulation. He can also repair or replace cracks or leaks caused by ice formation.
  • If you use a lot of hot water during the winter months, you probably experience a spike in your utility bill. That's because traditional water heaters work constantly to keep an entire tank of water warm at all times -- and who really needs that? Your plumber can install a tankless water heater that heats water on demand, which could save you a lot of money in the long run.

5. Party Time

Take a look at your calendar and note the many opportunities for parties (both seasonal and otherwise) in the next 12 months. Halloween, New Year's Eve, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and other holidays call for celebrations featuring lots of food, drink, and houseguests. You may also plan to host birthdays, anniversaries, and other get-togethers along the way. Just don't forget to invite your plumber over first, because:

  • Beverage consumption means frequent trips to the bathroom for your houseful of guests. The last thing you need is a broken toilet forcing your friends and family to use the shrubbery.
  • Parties that call for food also place a heavy strain on your sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal. A preliminary inspection and tune-up of these items can prevent a disgusting overload of plates, glasses, dishes, silverware and (worst of all) dirty dishwater.

Now that see the importance of optimizing your home's plumbing at various times of the year, why not place a call to your neighborhood plumber? From preventative maintenance to installing new energy-efficient plumbing solutions, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

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