Ideas For Your Next Swimming Pool Party

Whether you bought a home with a swimming pool included or you put one in yourself, you probably have planned on hosting parties and get-togethers in your pool. While inviting a few friends or family members over for an impromptu swim is a great way to make good use of your pool, your next soiree might include upping the ante when it comes to the decor in and around your pool. If you are hoping to have a party that will impress, here are some tips on making the most of your swimming pool.

Let There Be Light

If your party will extend into the evening hours, you'll want to put some thought and effort into your lighting situation. Is your pool inside of a pool cage, or does it have some other overhead cover? If so, threading white Christmas lights along the ceiling will add a subtle sparkle and shimmer. Above-ground pools usually don't have overhead lighting, but for safety's sake, make sure that you have some type of spotlight shining on the water.

Of course, you can also have your pool contractor install a light inside of your pool, if you don't already have underwater lighting. Since water and electricity don't mix, recommends always having a qualified electrician to install your pool light, but you may be able to change the bulbs yourself. Talk to your pool contractor or parts supplier about the options available for underwater lighting.

Set Up a Bar

Some luxurious swimming pools are built around a bar. This is an excellent feature when entertaining; your guests will get to enjoy cocktails while sitting in the water, which is many people's idea of paradise! If you are so lucky as to have a swim-up or walk-up bar in the vicinity of your swimming pool, take full advantage by stocking it with a variety of alcohol and mixers. You could even hire (or appoint) a bartender for the day (or night)!

Most people, however, do not have bars built in to their pool decks. Don't worry! It's easy enough to set up a space to serve drinks. Even if you decide resort to boxed wine and a keg of beer, your guests will still appreciate not having to dry off and go inside in order to enjoy a cold one.

Think Through Your Color Scheme

Color can go a long way in providing the ambiance and atmosphere you are looking for when it comes to your next pool party. Consider what theme you want to have, and pick out accessories to complement it.

For example, if you are having a luau, tropical colors such as fuchsia, bright orange, turquoise and lime green will fit the bill perfectly. A '50s party begs the addition of black, white and red accessories. You could toss in some pink and turquoise, too! Looking to replicate the strip of Las Vegas? You'll need some neon lights and accessories in a variety of bright colors.

If you need to invest in some new pool chairs or inflatables, the days or weeks before your pool party are a great time to stock up. Buy them to go along with your theme, and enjoy them for the whole season and beyond!

Take Inspiration From Your Existing Pool Design

Since upgrading your pool for a party is probably not in the cards, you can take some inspiration from what you already have. If you have a special liner in your pool, for example, build your theme and party around the color. Do you have an infinity pool, or one with an attached jacuzzi or hot tub? Be sure to include those elements into your party decor with the help of places like Dolphin Pools & Spas! Make the most of what you've got.

No matter what type of party you're having or how much decorating you're doing beforehand, having a great variety of delicious food and some appealing music will go a long way toward making your pool party what you want it to be. Entertain your friends and family all summer long (or all year long, if you live in a warm area of the country!) by letting them come over to enjoy your swimming pool.

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