Creating An Amazing First Impression: Tips For Improving Your Home's Curb Appeal

Shopping for the perfect home is exhausting and stressful – but it's nothing compared to selling your home. You've gone down the checklist and listened to all your realtor's recommendations, but you still can't seem to get a single offer. The issue might be something you've maybe considered, but didn't address: your home's curb appeal. Help ensure potential buyers are wowed from the start by utilizing these simple tips:

Pay Attention to the Details

From your wrought iron railing to the hinges and knob on the door, pay attention to every single small detail on the front of your home. If these details are in rough shape, consider replacing them with more modern options. For example, tear out your wrought iron fencing and replace it with a more durable and attractive vinyl picket fence.

However, if any of your old fashioned elements work well with your home's exterior, it's time to pull out a scrub brush and paint can, instead. For example, if your door knobs and hinges are brass, bring them back to life with some polish and a microfiber cloth. When it comes to wrought iron, home improvement guru Bob Vila recommends lightly sanding the fence before rinsing it off with your garden hose.

To finish, Vila recommends applying a spray primer and spray paint formulated for use outdoors and on metal. For a more traditional look, choose ivory or an organic color. However, if you're going for a more funky aesthetic, consider choosing a bright red, blue or green!

Rent a Pressure Washer

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to make your home's exterior shine is with a thorough washing. Renting a pressure washer allows you to clean the siding, deck, front steps and even the front door in far less time.

If you've never manned a power washer before, Family Handyman provides a few simple tips to help ensure you achieve the desired finished look without damaging your home's exterior:

  • Hold the pressure washer at a 45 degree angle. This helps ensure you're rinsing the dirt down toward the ground instead of simply spreading it around.

  • Washing down small areas helps prevent streaking and water stains.

  • Skip the windows and anything else that's fragile or falling apart, such as your damaged gutters. Even on a low setting the pressurized water will cause major damage.

Swap Out the Front Door

Another simple way to make the front of your home as elegant and inviting as impossible is as simple as purchasing a new front door. If you reside in a chilly area, don't forget to also replace your storm door, which any potential homeowners will take note of and appreciate.

While shopping for your fabulous new front door, This Old House urges homeowners to keep the door's construction in mind over the look and color. For example, if you're interested in durability, This Old House recommends choosing a steel door. If you reside in a humid climate or are looking for a more maintenance-free option, consider a fiberglass-composite style door.

However, when it comes to the ideal balance of durability and style, you can't go wrong with an old fashioned wooden front door. While shopping around for the best option for your home and budget, choose a model that is constructed from a chunk of solid wood instead of a composite, as this will prove more durable in the long run. Contact a residential door service in your area to give your front door a face lift as soon as possible. 

Providing your home's exterior with a much needed makeover can get expensive, so if your budget is modest, one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more enticing is to concentrate on the lawn and bushes. Make sure your lawn is mowed, any dead spots are covered with seed and your bushes and hedges are evenly trimmed.  

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