Why Skipping Your HVAC Certification Is A Bad Idea

When you are desperately in need of money, taking the time out to gain your HVAC certification is tough. Even if you are currently doing fine financially, you might be tempted to skip out on this investment. However, there are several reasons why this is a poor long-term decision. Take the time, spend the money and get your certification.

You Will Have a Hard Time Getting Work

Customers are more informed than they ever were before. If you try to work directly with the public on HVAC jobs without a license, it won't take long for someone to notice. A few words posted on an online review site and your small business will be done before it even started. This leaves you with only word of mouth promotion to those who value their money over their equipment-- not an ideal customer base.

The same goes for getting hired by a larger company. In order to cover their liability, a company will need to verify your license before you are hired as a technician. On the other hand, you might be able to obtain a position as an apprentice while you are still in school. These positions are required for licencing in some states, and this competition can make them difficult to obtain. However, this is an opportunity to make some money while you work towards obtaining a proper licence.

Even if you are satisfied working under another certified tech, not getting your own licence will keep you from advancing in your career. Without your licence, you cannot start your own business or supervise others. Many companies even require you to obtain certificates from professional organisations before they allow you to enter management.

Working Without a Licence is Probably Illegal

Most states require all HVAC techs to be licensed by the state to protect homeowners from poor quality work. In addition, even if your state does not require a licence to work, you must be certified by the EPA before you handle any of the chemicals commonly found in modern HVAC systems. If you work without these certifications, you could face legal and financial action by the government and consumers whose homes you worked on. Again, because a certification check is a phone call or internet search away, don't expect your secret to stay a secret for long.

You Will Have a Hard Time Taking Pride in Your Work

Even if you do manage to stay under the radar and continue working without your paperwork, you will be missing out on all the information gained through proper training. HVAC certification is not an arbitrary test, but an insurance policy that you have properly learned your trade. A HVAC tech is an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic and an engineer all rolled into one. It is not something you can learn to do properly from online videos and how-to guides.

Improperly installed HVAC systems can cost the homeowner quite a bit of money in their energy bills, or could cause dangerous chemicals and gases to leak into the home. Are you going to be able to sleep soundly at night without knowing that your customers got the service they paid for? Or, more importantly, without knowing if you could cause them serious physical harm by not knowing how to do your job properly?

You wouldn't want to go to an untrained, unlicensed doctor, and people should not have unlicensed HVAC techs working on their homes. In many ways, the HVAC system is the lifeblood of a house, and it is important that you understand how to take care of it properly. People are always going to need HVAC techs, so it is a solid career choice. However, trying to take shortcuts when you are getting started can quickly end your career before it even starts.

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