Wondering What To Do With That Leftover Ready Mix Concrete? Try These Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Projects!

So you're wondering what to do with that leftover ready mix concrete that's sitting around taking up space. Luckily, all you need is a little spare time and some inspiration to put it to good use around your property. Here are two fun do-it-yourself options to consider for your yard:

Make Stepping Stones for the Yard

Stepping stones are a great addition to any yard because they offer a safe way to get around that's free of mud. They are also good at protecting the grass from being trampled on due to heavy foot traffic. All you need is some two-by-four lumber, rebar, and your ready mix concrete to get the job done. You can make simple stepping stones like this:

  • Make a frame for your stones out of two-by-four lumber by cutting four pieces of lumber to the size of your choice (12 inches should be a minimum to provide enough surface space for walking) and nailing them together at the corners to create a square.
  • Cut a piece of rebar for each step you'll be making that fit snugly inside the frame you've made.
  • Place the frame on the ground where you want your first step to be and put a piece of rebar inside.
  • Follow the directions on your ready mix concrete bag to prepare it.
  • Once prepared, pour some of the mixture into your frame just until it reaches the top.

Let the frame sit overnight to dry before removing it and then repeat the process for each step you want to create. It's important not to let the concrete get wet while it dries so if there is a chance that it will rain, put a pop up canopy or plant an umbrella over it.

Put Together Garden Stands

Garden stands made of concrete won't warp or break down under outdoor conditions like wooden ones, and they help to keep plants elevated so they aren't trampled by animals or wandering feet. You'll find that small tables are really easy to make with ready mix concrete and can even be moved around the yard when your design plans change. In addition to your ready mix concrete, you are going to need a piece of plywood for this project. Here's how to make them:

  • Cut your plywood in sections so you have one two-by-two piece and four two-by one pieces.
  • Using the two-by-two piece as your base, connect the other four pieces around it with nails to create a box with an opening at the top. Attach the edges so you are left with a box that's one foot high and two feet in depth.
  • Per the instructions on the bag, mix your concrete and slowly pour it into your wooden box until it's about half full.
  • Let the mixture dry overnight and then carefully remove the sides of the box by taking out the nails.
  • You should be able to pick the block of concrete up off the bottom piece of plywood and transfer it where you want to display it.

You can simply put the box back together again to make another one. Once your garden stands are made, put pots of your favorite flowers or food on them!

While you're at it, why not brighten up the yard by painting your concrete garden stands and stepping stones? Create some tranquility with shades of blue or perk up the energy of your yard with hues of orange.

These projects offer a fun way to bring new life to your home without having to spend a lot of money or hire any professionals. Some projects, like creating stepping stones, will also increase the eye appeal of your property.

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