Keep Your Commercial Roof In Good Condition To Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

Unlike residential roofing, you don't need your roof to look pretty, just be functional. Unfortunately, this can make it tempting to forgo regular maintenance checks. Regardless of the roof type, if it fails, it is going to cause serious damage that would not have occurred had you kept the roof in good repair. For this reason, it is vitally important to inspect the roof regularly, and repair any of these issues as soon as they arise. Read more info below. 

Standing Water

If the roof is flat or has a low pitch, you are going to have some standing water after each rainfall. However, the longer that water stays there, the more time it has to find a crack or damage the roof surface. Before the water starts dripping inside the building, it can destroy the roof deck, which would then require you to replace both the roof and the roof deck in order to fix the leak. All that extra water also adds up to extra weight, which your roof is simply not designed to handle. In the end, there is no replacement for ensuring that water drains away quickly.


Any time the roof cover starts to bubble up in places, you should have roof maintenance done immediately. This condition can be caused by several factors, none of them good for the health of your roof.

  • The insulation board could be releasing gases. If these get trapped under the roof cover, they can collect and cause bubbling.
  • Water that has worked its way under the roof cover.It could be pooling underneath, or it could be causing the lower layers of the roof to expand.
  • The roofing material was not properly installed. If the installer did not properly prep the roof before laying down the top coating, then that coating might not be adhering to the roof properly. This space will eventually fill with gas or water, causing a bubble.

Roof Cover Wear and Tear

Eventually the material covering the roof will begin to break down. Nothing can stand up to the ravages of Mother Nature forever. When this happens, the coating will begin to crack and tear, especially at the seams. If there are only a few cracks, you can have them repaired, but as the number starts to increase dramatically, you will need to start budgeting for a new roof.


In many cases, the roof flashing will fail before the rest of the roof does. It is imperative that the flashing seals the edges of the roof and completely surrounds any protrusions. Even the smallest gap is a channel that will allow water to get under the roof coating, especially during sever storms and high winds. Checking the flashing once or twice a year will ensure that it remains in place and repairs are completed in a timely fashion.


Skylights are a hole in your roof's surface, and as such require special attention during inspections. Check the sealant around each panel to ensure that it is still intact, and replace it as needed. In addition, plastic skylights will become brittle from long term exposure to UV rays. Check them for cracks and replace the panels as soon as they start to weaken to prevent leaks.

There are many items on the roof that you need to check regularly, but it will be worth the time. Water damage is expensive, as are emergency repairs, and your business can't afford to spend money on either of them. Take the time and check the roof regularly, or hire a company that can handle bot the inspection and the regular maintenance for you.

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