6 Services Commercial Locksmiths Provide Apart From Lock Picking

When you think of commercial locksmiths, images of professionals who are only adept at getting you into your locked car or home probably pop into your head. While locksmiths are particularly skilled at opening locks, commercial locksmiths companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc are offering many services that go above and beyond simple lock opening. These locksmiths are trained in implementing and installing different things that can all highly benefit your business. Here are a few services that commercial locksmiths can provide for your business that you might not have known about.

Installation of Keyless Entry Locks

Whether you are sick of handling keys, your business has a large number of doors that people often pass through but need to be locked, or you are just looking for an upgrade, you can contact a commercial locksmith to install keyless entry locks in your business.

These types of locks can be opened either via a card-swipe or by entering a numeric code. They are an attractive option for businesses that have a large number of rooms that need to be secured, as they cut down on the number of keys you as the business owner need to keep track of.

Repairs After a Break-In

You might not realize that commercial locksmiths can help you after your business has been burglarized. Commercial locksmiths deal with repairing broken windows, doors, busted locks, as well as damage to safes and security systems. Not only will the commercial locksmith help you clean up after the break-in, but they will offer a professional security assessment. They can help you determine if your locks are too weak, potential blind spots for your security cameras, as well as identify potential easy entry points and offer you ways to reinforce them.

Buzzers For Entry

If you work in a business where your office or operations are behind a locked door, instead of having to trek to the door to identify who is on the other side and then open the door, you can have a commercial locksmith install buzzers. These buzzers are installed next to the door, and usually feature a camera and a microphone. When the person at the door buzzes in, you can identify if they should be allowed in, and the simply push a button from your desk to unlock the door and grant them entry.

Safe Installation

Locksmiths can help you purchase a safe, as well as help you install the safe in a hidden location. There are a variety of safes, like fire safes, deposit safes, and burglar safes. Commercial locksmiths can also help you decide what type of safe is right for you based on your business.

Master Key Creation

If your business does have a large amount of locked doors, and you don't necessarily want to have keyless locks installed, you can have a commercial locksmith create a master key for you. These keys are created in a way that they can be used to open ever locked door that is on your property. Master keys are great for janitors, as well as people who work within multiple spaces in your commercial building.

Various Stand-Alone Locks

Doors and windows aren't the only things that need to be secured in a business. Chances are there are cupboards, drawers, and boxes that you would like secured around your workplace. Commercial locksmiths offer a wide variety of different locks, such as padlocks, that you can purchase. Commercial locksmiths can also add custom locks right within drawers or cupboards, although this is often a more expensive option. Locks built right into the thing you wish to lock tend to be more secure and difficult to crack, however.

The next time you are looking for security additions, or just helpful upgrades, don't neglect looking into the many different services that commercial locksmiths offer.

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