4 Stages Of Emotion Experienced While Completing Radon Testing

Since you cannot see or smell radon in your environment, you must have your home tested for its presence upon receiving notice of the threat. Health officials in your area may send out notices about the importance of performing a radon check if homes in your area are at risk. Neighborhoods placed over large deposits of uranium face the biggest risk as the land settles and releases this noxious gas. While you're having your home tested, you might be bombarded with a plethora of feelings that seemingly come out of nowhere. Here are some emotions that are completely normal and expected during the testing process.


If you just bought your home, you might be cursing your dumb luck while dealing with feelings of complete disbelief. Although it seems unlikely that your home would be affected, just know that more than six million homes contain risky levels of radon.

Your risk of developing symptoms from exposure increase if you smoke cigarettes, drink well water or delay testing for an extended period of time. Harness the feelings of disbelief and have your home and yard tested for the presence of harmful levels of radon gas to mitigate the risk.   


You might feel confused at first as you try to understand the symptoms caused by radon exposure. Depending on the gas level in and around your home, you could develop acute symptoms or suffer unseen damage that leads to lung cancer later in life.

Since the cancer-causing cell damage can take a long time to develop, many people associate their symptoms with other risk factors, especially if they smoke cigarettes. Although it's true that smoking increases your risk, it's usually the radon exposure that seals the deal. Tackle feelings of confusion by visiting your doctor for a checkup during and after the radon testing process. Your doctor can check for symptoms and help you figure out their exact cause.


Having to test your home for dangerous radon gas levels while ready to settle in can cause intense feelings of frustration. You might feel like it's unfair and disruptive to have to complete the testing process. However, the risks of avoiding the testing process far outweigh the benefits of immediately settling into your new home.

Temper feelings of frustration by exploring your new neighborhood and attending local events. You might even meet new friends who can help you cope with the radon threat, as they're likely going through testing as well.


Whether your home tests positive for harmful levels of radon or not, you'll likely feel relief when the testing process is over. Although radon testing only takes about 48 hours to complete, you might feel concerned about your well-being throughout that entire time.

Even if you can shake the worries away, you'll be reminded of the threat of radon exposure each time you spot the testing equipment sitting in your home. Furthermore, as the equipment kicks on each hour, you might be reminded of the process anew. To stay calm, focus on the feelings of relief that will come as soon as you receive a definitive answer from the testing professionals.

Coping With The Effects

Radon testing professionals will provide you with a full report upon completing the testing process. You can use this report to decide if you need to install radon reduction systems in your home. Many of these small devices pull 99% of the radon out of your environment to completely eliminate the risk of serious health effects developing now or later in life. A radon reduction system requires little to no maintenance to stay effective throughout the years. You can rely on this system to keep you and your family safe from radon exposure for the entire time you own your home. 

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