How To Decorate Your Wrought Iron Driveway Gate For The Holiday Season

After you install your new wrought iron driveway gate, you may want to decorate it for the holiday with seasonal lights. However, you may have problems choosing the right lights or placing them on the gate. There are several ways to solve your problems if you know what to do. To help you get started, here are some things you can try to pull it all together.

How to Choose the Right Seasonal Bulb Lights for Your Gate

If you don't know what types or colors of seasonal lights to place on your gate, you may have reservations about decorating it each holiday season. The best way to avoid these issues is to use LED seasonal light bulbs that won't clash with the color of your gate's iron. In addition, these lights also last longer and are safer than traditional holiday bulbs because they don't get hot enough to cause fires.

When you're ready to shop for your gate's LED seasonal lights, keep these two tips below in mind:

Buy the Right Bulb Colors for a Dark Gate

Clear and gold bulbs go well with wrought iron gates that come in black, brown, dark blue, and green shades. These lighter bulb colors won't overpower the gate's color but will actually make it look more elegant and refined.

They may also place focus or highlight your dark gate at night, which may make it easier for your holiday guests to find the entrance to your property during exceptionally dark seasonal nights.

Buy the Right Bulb Colors for a Light Gate

If your gate is white or some other light color, you may want to add colored bulbs like blue, green or red. These festive bulbs can create a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors as they cast shadows on the gate's surface. Blinking seasonal lights can do this quite well, especially if you place them on the points and spikes of your gate's rails.

How to Place Your Lights on the Rails

Placing seasonal lights on your driveway gate's rails isn't hard, but positioning them over the top portion of the rails may be. Depending on the type of gate you have in your driveway, it may feature long spikes or points on the top of each rail. The top portion of the gate may also rise higher in the center and curve gently downward at the sides, which make placing your lights slightly more difficult than putting them on a gate with a straight or flat top.

There's a way to place your lights over the tops of the rail pieces without stress. Here's how you do it:

  • Buy long seasonal light strands that come several feet longer than the actual length of each side of the gate. This gives you plenty of room to wrap the light strands around the rails' tips without breaking or damaging them.
  • Leave plenty of room to hang decorative holiday ornaments and other pieces on the strands. If you pull the strands too tight, you may not have enough space available to place hooks on them.
  • Use two waterproof electrical cords to power your lights. You'll have one cord for each side of the gate's lights. In addition, the separate cords won't interfere with the gate when both sides open to let cars in and out of the driveway.

The above tips may help you feel more comfortable about placing seasonal lights on your driveway gate. But there are few more things you might want to do to decorate your front entrance. For example:

  • You can add a large holiday snowman to one side of the gate, as long as it doesn't block the cars going in and out of the gate.
  • You may place icicles on any trees you have placed on the sides of the gate.
  • You may even choose to insert colorful driveway lights along the length of the driveway to highlight it.

You can make your wrought iron driveway gate from a company like Automated Gate Services Inc look outstanding this holiday. You just need a little patience and imagination to do so.

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