Adding Beauty To The Showers: 3 Factors To Consider When Purchasing Glass Shower Doors

Imagine getting into a beautiful shower door encased by glass. Many interior designers encourage homeowners to renovate their bathrooms to increase the market value of their home. In fact, bathroom renovations can give your house a value increase of 75% to 100% of the renovation value. Adding glass shower doors will not only improve the overall appearance of your bathroom, but will also help prevent runoff water from splashing everywhere and causing water damage. If you are considering the option of installing glass shower doors, here are 3 important factors that you will want to consider.

Thickness of the Glass Shower Doors

Now, depending on what you're looking for, the thickness of the glass installed will have a huge impact on the sturdiness of the entire shower. Generally speaking, you will have two options to choose from: 3/8 inch heavy shower glass and 1/2 inch heavy shower glass.

The 3/8 inch heavy shower glass is perhaps the smallest thickness size that you can choose from. It is typically used for frameless shower designs as it is lightweight, and can offer sound and quality construction that will last for years. In comparison to 1/2 inch heavy shower glass, the 3/8 inch heavy shower glass may also be a lot more budget-friendly. Still, many interior designers would recommend that you go for the 1/2 inch heavy shower glass due to the fact that it can offer incredible structural integrity and durability. 

You will want to consider the overall shower design and the amount of weight that can be supported when determining which thickness is most suited for your renovations. The amount of budget that you have set aside for the renovations may also influence your decision on the thickness of the glass.

Texturized Glass

Many manufacturers offer texturized glass patterns that not only add to the character of the shower, but will prevent soap scum from clinging onto the surfaces. Texturized glass can help make cleaning the showers a lot easier. In addition, the texturized surface may offer the privacy that the user requires, especially if the bathroom may be shared with others in the household, since it distorts the view into and out of the shower. 

There are many different patterns that you can choose from. Different patterns will contribute a different type of character and flair to the overall bathroom appearance. 

Tinting on the Glass

For privacy reasons, some homeowners would appreciate if the glass shower doors had tinted films installed on the surfaces, which is a simple procedure for manufacturers. The tinting of the glass is normally for installed for privacy reasons although the glass can also be tinted a variety of different colors. Keep in mind that clear glass will typically contain a significant amount of iron in it, which will give the illusion of a slightly green tint. For crystal clear glass, the glass will need to be super heated in order to eliminate the presence of iron. 

Most interior designers would recommend only paying extra for crystal clear glass if you are interested in highlighting the beauty of the tiles that are used in the showers. If not, the slightly green tint will not affect the overall appearance of the shower much. 


By renovating your bathroom, you could not only improve the market value of your house, but you could also greatly improve the quality of your living experience within the home. Installing glass doors for the showers can help ensure that water does not get splashed everywhere, and can also add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the bathrooms for a higher quality living. 

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