5 Businesses Your Property Management Company Should Have A Relationship With

As the owner of a property management company, you know that having a business relationship with a landscaper gives you the ability to offer services your clients can appreciate. Therefore, it makes your company more valuable and increases your profits overall. But why stop there? Here are five businesses your property management services should have a relationship with:

Pest Control

Every home needs pest control services throughout the year, whether the issue is cockroaches, termites, or spiders. Apartments and homes tend to get infested pretty quickly if professionals aren't called upon at least once a year to exterminate the premises. Instead of making your property management clients find their own pest control provider, consider signing a service contract with a service provider in your area.

You can then charge a small fee to your clients for the convenience of you managing their pest control services, and the pest control provider can gain new clients in exchange for committing their services to you at a small discount. 

House Stagers

Home staging is an important process of renting or selling spaces nowadays. Even apartment building owners invest in the service in order to fill up their units faster and to maximize the rent amount they can ask for. A home stager sees a space with fresh eyes and can create illusion and a fresh design in a short period of time.

Because buyers are busy and tend to need some inspiration when it comes to seeing the potential in a home, staging services almost always pay for themselves. Working with a home stager will save your clients time and money and can even give you a leg up on your local competition.

Home Cleaning

People who own vacation rentals or who rent their homes out to others usually have the need for regular cleaning services. Many people who are looking to hire a property management service are in the middle of selling or renting out a space, so they need cleaning services too. Being able to offer an exclusive discount from your home cleaning business partner is a great way to attract those new clients and make more money concurrently.

Security Services

Most apartment building owners are opting to hire security services for their communities to help keep tenants safe from burglaries and vandalism. These services typically involve uniformed guards who patrol parking lots and complexes, looking for security breaches and reaching out to residents who may need assistance. Adding a security service provider to your roster will create more trust and reliability for your business among clients and give you yet another income avenue to take advantage of.

Pet Care and Sitting

If you have a large client base of pet-friendly apartment or home rental contracts on your roster, it's a good idea to establish a relationship with a professional pet care provider who can handle everything from dog walks to weekend babysitting gigs. Because these services are not always needed regularly or may be needed unexpectedly, you may find it in your best interest to work with pet care providers on a referral basis.

This way you'll get a small commission every time the service is scheduled, but you don't have to worry about being the go-between for clients and pet care providers that you're working with.

These business relationships will make your company invaluable to apartment building owners, homeowner's associations, and even private homeowners who are looking to rent their home or have it looked after while they travel. The best part about creating these relationships is that it won't cost you any out-of-pocket expenses to get started. It's a winning situation for everyone involved.

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